Award Winning Memorial & Monument Makers in Clovis, California

This is a graphic of Bell Memorial's Remember Forever motto.

Our Philosophy

“Monumental Excellence.” – It’s not just a catchphrase, it’s what we do.

Using the highest quality materials, our team creates customized memorials with unique expressions for families or public / civic groups.

Together with you, we strive to honor

  • the important people in your life,
  • notable places,
  • events.
Bell Memorials Creekside Sign
Bell Memorials Baby Grave Marker
Bell Memorials Upright Monument for Rodriguez
Granite & Marble Signage - Keats Reading Corner
Granite & Marble Signage - Canine Coasties
Granite & Marble Signage - Buddhist Donor Wall
Engraved Boulder - Kiwanis Park
Bench Memorial - Orozco
Slant Headstone-Roger Michalec
Pillow Marker-Jose Soares

We are dedicated to delivering a final product that is perfect,
and for you to feel that that you are cared for and valued during the process.

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